Saturday, December 26, 2015

Storm Warning

Sirens blared in Texas and Oklahoma on Saturday night as a system of storms barreled through the region. Many people found a place area in their homes (the hallway, the room without windows, a place where we felt secure) as we watched the newscast, listened to the weather report and overheard the tornado siren in our cities. Questioned circled as many of you prayed. "How long will it last?" "Will it hit my home?" "God where are you?"

Many prayed, "Lord, keep my family safe and protect my neighbors and those in the storm's path."

When you sense danger, prayer is the only weapon powerful enough to get God's attention.

Jesus is the answer to storms in our life. Keep in mind, He creates the storm. He listens to us through the storm. He meets us by stepping into the storm. He shepherds us through the storm.

In Romans 8:34 the bible declares that Jesus is "and now he is on God’s right side, appealing to God for us." 

Invite Jesus to meet us in the midst of the storm.

Prayers go out to those killed, wounded and displaced in North Texas.

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